Make better business decisions with ease and confidence.

Empower your organization with consolidated, classified,
spend data and get transparency into your complete supplier spend.

Quickly find untapped supplier opportunities, analyze trends and generate cost savings.



Spend Visibility Quick Start 


Your most powerful tool is your data. Remove the barrier of disparate data and antiquated processes.
Achieve short term procurement wins using building blocks for the future.


Unify Spend Data Easily

Automate the process of data consolidation from multiple sources.

Rich Classification

Enrich spend data via AI driven natural language processing algorithms.

Classify volumes of spend data into comprehensible information using the
universal taxonomy, UNSPSC.

No Integration. Low Cost

No integration means less hurdles, less costs and a quick start to Spend Visibility.


Value From Data in Days

See short time to value via our standalone data extraction process. It takes hours, not weeks.


Drive Ongoing Results


Procurement has evolved.

Constant market disruptions demand greater supply chain visibility and flexibility. Organisations need to manage their supply chain from a global scale and a detailed supplier level simultaneously.

Central Source of Truth

Creating a single source of truth is imperative to support decentralized and remote teams to articulate strategic needs quickly.


Future Ready Data

Purpose built to optimize supply chain management, the Robobai platform
compounds the value of your spend data over time using custom AI algorithms.


Intuitive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting made simple. Dive from 360 view into supplier level within clicks, across your organization at any time.


Dynamic Data Visualizations

Easy to use, easy to read data visualizations highlight hidden opportunities for cost savings, trend analysis and raise red flag risks.






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Know More. Buy Better.


Robobai’s goal is to create positive change within the environment and comminutes across the globe by  helping organisations to optimize the financial and ethical impacts of their global supply chain.



Spend Visibility Quick Start


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