Procurement innovation is fundamental to driving necessary change across your organization.


Operational efficiencies go beyond clever cost-saving and demand that Procurement teams consolidate multiple data sources into a central engine that can evolve procurement processes, direct strategic sourcing, and improve procurement performance and supplier compliance.


Procurement Management 101 


Clearly see what you buy, from whom, how, at what price, and when. Access the right data anywhere, anytime.


Strategic Category Management

Granular procurement analytics across all spend categories gives instant access to enterprise wide intelligence. Use rich Category Trend Analysis to direct strategic sourcing and cost-reduction opportunities. Make informed decisions to action valuable change quickly to targeted areas of your supply chain.

Buy Better with Vendor Rationalization

Increase your purchasing power by reducing your supplier base, improving your purchase terms and eliminating duplicated distribution and handling costs across your supply chain. Build stronger relationships and mutually beneficial agreements and nurture key suppliers.


Tame Your Tail

Visibility is the first step to optimizing Tail Spend.
Use dynamic data analysis to easily identify low value transaction suppliers and off-contact or maverick spending. AI classifying technology consolidates multi ERP data into a single lens to enable obvious tail spend strategies to improve your bottom line.


Improve Contract Management

Create a governance framework for contract management and supplier interaction. Reduce compliance risk of information duplication and save the time and cost of double handling via centrally managed online contract facilities. Identify opportunities to reduce maverick spend. Streamline internal processes and improve supplier relationships with an efficient central communications hub.


Focus on what you can control


Technology is the Engine. Data is the fuel. With change being the only constant in modern supply chains, technology is imperative for basic survival. The right technology will continually improve your data and drive your competitive advantage.

Legislation, world events, economic markets and environmental thresholds are among the myriad of external influences that will continue to demand Procurement Managers' attention. Optimize control by harnessing the value in your data.

Remove Surprises with Trend Analysis

Procurement leaders need trustworthy knowledge at the ready to proactively manage change across their global supply chain. Consolidate multiple ERP systems into a central decision making platform. Evolve Procurement from tactical automation to strategic enablement that can drive enterprise wide value.


Automate Sourcing Success

Develop fluidity in your sourcing strategy to facility agile supply chain management. AI driven technology assists with automatically identifying sourcing opportunities. Optimize the sourcing process through ongoing market analysis


Improve sourcing efficiency

Leverage UNSPSC classified data to build RFP spend profiles quickly to category level data up to 3 levels. Save time and get more competitive bids.


Custom reports quicky

Track performance metrics and optimise reports. Use preconfigured spend analytics or create custom filters to address day to day challenges quickly Intuitive, dynamic data dashboards uncover enterprise wide flags and opportunities within clicks.

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Know More. Buy Better.

Robobai’s goal is to create positive change within the environment and comminutes across the globe by  helping organisations to optimize the financial and ethical impacts of their global supply chain.


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