Data integrity drives ERP performance

84% of CEOs are concerned about the integrity of the data on
which they’re basing their decisions.  Forbes Technology Council


Impacts of poor data quality within an ERP platform

A core function of an ERP is to automate, integrate and build relationships between data sets across an organization. It centralizes large volumes of data into a single source and aims to streamline information workflows via accessible technology. Ideally, it enables teams across an organization to gain clear, complete and accurate information (reports) quickly.


If the data quality within an ERP is poor it can result in:


    Inefficient spend management across your supply chain
    Inability to forecast and plan for the future
    High operating costs resulting from managing duplicate and inaccurate data
    Opportunity cost of unseen competitive opportunities or emerging trends
    Risk to operation or brand reputation by neglecting red flags in your data
    Inability to meet increasing compliance reporting requirements
    Inability to leverage the benefits of AI


How to increase ROI of a new or existing ERP

Prioritization of data cleansing will increase the success and fast-track transition to a new ERP or increase the ROI of your current ERP. The goal of data cleansing is to optimize the accuracy and completeness of your master data.


To leverage the potential of your data to drive ERP ROI, start by:


    Consolidating data from multiple systems and rogue spreadsheets
    Cleansing data via an iterative process of data wrangling, deduplication and harmonization to improve the accuracy of master files
    Classification of data to industry standard taxonomies
    Leveraging AI and machine learning to provide constant data improvement



Why RobobAI?

We're supply chain leaders with data DNA

The Robobai Team automates the process of data consolidation from multiple sources. We leverage our custom AI engine to consolidate, classify and categorise spend data quickly and easily, at a low cost. Our process requires no integration and takes days not months.

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Robobai’s goal is to create positive change within the environment and comminutes across the globe by  helping organisations to optimize the financial and ethical impacts of their global supply chain.


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