Data is the key to AI evolving supply chain management


Achieve greater results, faster.


Supply chain leaders can gain increased visibility and harness greater control by leveraging the inherent efficiencies of AI. AI has the potential to automate and  expedite the classification of spend data, saving time and money in the process  and providing clarity, quickly.

Transparency of spend data can identify market trends, uncover new  opportunities, flag risks and enhance the ability to make astute decisions now or forecast for the future.

The extent of the success you can expect to achieve lies within the quality of your data. Despite wide and varying definitions of AI, at the core, it uses algorithms to find and learn patterns and rules from large data sets. It then applies these rules to new data and continues to learn new rules and apply them.


If AI is applied to poor quality data, it will produce poor results.


Data and AI have an iterative relationship


Data and Ai


Data Quality and AI work together to accelerate ROI

A good data management strategy can significantly increase accuracy and efficiency for an organization. If maintained, data accuracy managed through an AI classification engine can empower volumes of accurate classification over  time. Immediate insights allows executives to make informed decisions and realize savings quickly. The alternative is, if takes weeks or months to find a 5%  saving, that can cost millions.

ROI is directly dependent on what action is taken next. The AI driven RobobAI  platform puts extensive, powerful data visualizations, analysis and insights at the fingertips of multidisciplinary teams across an organization. ROI will not be  achieved if no action is taken beyond insights.


Why RobobAI?

We're supply chain leaders with data DNA.

The RobobAI Team automates the process of data consolidation from multiple sources. We leverage our custom AI engine to consolidate, classify and categorise spend data quickly and easily, at a low cost. Our process requires no integration and takes days not months.

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Know More. Buy Better.

Robobai’s goal is to create positive change within the environment and comminutes across the globe by  helping organisations to optimize the financial and ethical impacts of their global supply chain.


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