Activate Data to Drive Value in a Hard Market

Clean data improves business performance 

Investing in data improvement not only provides the opportunity for immediate gains, but it also enables you to create compounding value for the future.


How poor data quality impacts enterprise

Poor data is costing organisations in a number of ways. These include:


    Higher processing cost: The Harvard Business Review's 'rule of ten' states that it costs ten times as much to complete a unit of work when the data is flawed than when the data is perfect

    Increased human capital costs, wasted time and frustration from teams and customers

    Poor decision making

    Opportunity cost from loss of competitive advantage

    Inadequate management of potential supply chain risks

    Loss of profit


Common spend data issues

    Spend data from large organisations is often in multiple systems
    in disparate formats
    not classified
    not categorized

Data accuracy is often defined as

Completeness   Are all aspects of the data set recorded?

Uniqueness        Is there a single view of the data?

Consistency       Can data be matched across different sets?

Validity                Does the data fit the defined requirements?

Accuracy             Does the data represents the reality?

Timeliness          Is data captured in a timely manner?

Accelerate Treasury Digitization


Data Kaizen. Drive continuous data improvement through a collaborative, central AI driven platform. Give key stakeholders a comprehensive

view of treasury payments through extensive pre-configured and custom lenses at any time.

Unlock Working Capital

Astute management of payment flows can reveal great financial advantages. It's as much about cost saving through automating processes as it is finding supply chain flags early and quickly creating new pathways to minimise disruption.



Why RobobAI?

We're supply chain leaders with data DNA.

The Robobai Team automates the process of data consolidation from multiple sources. We leverage our custom AI engine to consolidate, classify and categorise spend data quickly and easily, at a low cost. Our process requires no integration and takes days not months.

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Know More. Buy Better.

Robobai’s goal is to create positive change within the environment and comminutes across the globe by  helping organisations to optimize the financial and ethical impacts of their global supply chain.


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